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November 18, 2020

Kill Sector : Eyes With Tyson John Thatcher The Second (fixed)

Hey all!! Tonight we are joined by Tyson John Thatcher the Second, one of the creators of Kill Sector.  Listen to the usual gang play the adventure titled "eyes".   

Interested in Kill Sector?  check out the players handbook here.

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Opening Theme Exlibris by Kosta T

Red in Black by Kosta T

Hello Regan by Loyalty Freak Music

Creature From Beyond The Grave by Haunted Corpse

Desolated Horror and Chill From The Woods by Desolated Horror

Rosemary's Baby Shower by Soular Flair


And the following by TaKeRuX

Destructing Own Kingdom

Dance Of Death

Dark Room

Free Will Possession

Rocking Forward

Drown In Thoughts

Scythe in Hell

Cursed as Love

Let Me Live

Sail Away

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